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New demonstration and training video for Thermoscan Mini Cryoscope 

Specifically for our distributors/dealers and end users of our product Thermoscan Mini Cryoscope we have prepared a new demonstration and training video/a video version of the demonstration and training for operation, maintenance, testing and checking of the analyzer (in English and Russian).

The video shows how Termoscan Mini helps identify the adulteration of milk with added water, deoxidizing agents and other substances.

In our new video we tried to cover as detailed as possible all issues relating to operation and maintenance of the instrument, testing procedure, and checking of the operability and give end users a number of practical recommendations and tips that will make daily work with the analyzer simpler and more comfortable.

Now all you have to do is to download our video on your PC to see the new demo of the machine, train and instruct your customers, answer their questions regarding the operation of Somatos Mini and all the details of the operation procedure.