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Completion of works for preparation of the new ultrasonic model

Our R&D is currently completing their work for preparation of the new ultrasonic model (designed on the basis of the new circuit technology) and the new generation of ultrasonic milk analyzers (Laktan 600)

What makes our product (Laktan 600) fundamentally new and different from all other models of ultrasonic milk analyzers? 

We are using a new high-capacity 200 MHz, 32- bit processor based on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor core that allows to achieve a higher level of components integration, increase measurement speed up to 20 sec. without compromising the analyzers accuracy.

  • Use of 64 Mb external RAM;
  • Use of an external tft lcd display and touch panel.

We are offering a fundamentally new approach that opens up entirely new possibilities and gives a new impetus to the already recognized and well-proven technology of ultrasonic analysis of milk and among other changes allows us expanding the functionality of our milk analyzer and makes possible a transition from a milk analyzer to a complete solution (without using DPUs).