<p>Moisture analyzer "Evlas-5"</p>
Price: € 440.00
Moisture analyzer for bulk materials

Evlas - 5

Grain moisture measurement range from 10% to 23% 

Absolute accuracy tolerance in the range from 10% to 17% ±1.5%

Absolute accuracy tolerance in the range from 17% to 23% ±2.5% 

Single measurement time: no more than 30 seconds

Time of measurement (after first measurement): no more than 10 seconds

Power supply: 6 x А3 16 (LR) batteries 

Weight (without batteries): 1 kg



EVLAS-5 Brochure, english



Evlas-5 grain moisture tester is a necessary instrument for applications where express analysis of large volumes of grain if required. Its use is very simple, you only need to immerse the moisture tester shaft in the tested material. The result is obtained without sampling, weighing, grinding or drying, the measurement does not last more than 30 seconds. The Evlas-5 grain moisture tester will improve the throughput of the tested product, significantly reduce analysis time and simplify its procedure. 

The moisture tester can be used in granaries, barns, hoppers, cars, trucks, during grain storage and processing, as well as immediately at sampling sites. The tester can be efficiently used to control the grain mass heating process. The tester can measure the mass content of moisture and temperature in wheat, rye, barley and oat. 

Evlas-5 can also be used to measure moisture in millet, corn, buckwheat, rice, pea, sunflower seeds, rape and their products, as well as other bulk materials after additional calibration and setup of measurement methods. 

Features and benefits: 

  • To make a measurement you only need to immerse the tester shaft in the tested material. The tester has a direct digital display of moisture and temperature. 
  • The tester has a simple and robust design without moving parts. 
  • The short analysis time makes it possible to carry out any necessary number of tests and quickly obtain real information about the condition of large batches of grain. Single moisture and temperature measurement time is within 30 seconds. 
  • The tester can be used for the measurement of moisture in both standard products (wheat, rye, barley, oat) and other products and/or bulk materials. To test other materials, a computer calibration of the tester is necessary.

 Technical characteristics:  

Grain moisture measurement range from 10 to 23%
Tester shaft immersion depth, m from 0.3 to 1.0 m
Absolute accuracy tolerance, in the range from 10% to 17%    ±1.5%   
Absolute accuracy tolerance, in the range from 17% to 23% ±2.5% 
Single moisture and temperature measurement time  30 seconds 
Time of moisture and temperature measurement after single measurement  10 seconds 
Temperature display resolution  0.1% 
Power supply  6 x А3 16 (LR) batteries 
Dimensions  1224х242х75 mm 
Weight (without batteries) 1 kg