Moisture analyzer "Evlas-2M"
Price: € 925.00
Moisture analyzer



Range of moisture measurement: 0 - 100 %

Standard deviation: ± 0,2 %

Range of deviations, depending on the analyzed material: 0,2% to 1,5%

Temperature range:  70 - 160 °С

Weighting range: 20 - 100 g

Readability: 0.01 % 

Heating element: infrared coil

Dimensions: 187x230x320 mm

Weight: 6,3 kg


Evlas-2M is an universal moisture analyzer intended for moisture measurement in solid, dry, fibrous, paste-like materials, water suspensions and nonaqueous liquids by thermogravimetric method. 

The analyzer is equipped with infrared heating coil, which provides more homogenius and delicate heating of the sample. This point is crucial for moisture analisys of foodstuffs.

Fields of application:

  • Agriculture: grain, seeds of different crops, wool and fibers, grain mixtures and mixed fodder, any flour, etc. 
  • Bread and grain products: flour, dough, yeast, bread, bakery, noodles, pasta, etc. 
  • Confectionery: flour, dough, cream, butter, margarine, semi-finished products, confectionery mixes, jelly, finished products, etc. 
  • Oil crops seeds processing: seeds, oilcake, etc. 
  • Fat and cosmetic enterprises: mayonnaise, margarine, cream, jelly, semi-finished goods, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. 
  • Food industry and processing plants: cereals, mixes, dry prepared food, dry beverages, flakes, corn flakes, mushrooms, berries, nuts, canned food, etc. 
  • Meat and food processing plants: meat and meat products, as well as their components (sausage, minced meat, canned meat, spicery, etc.) 
  • Fish processing plants and fish canneries: fish, sea mammals, sea invertebrates, products of their processing, etc. 
  • Milk processing plants: butter, cheese, cottage cheese, powdered milk, powdered cream, yogurts, prepared food, etc. 
  • Pharmaceutical industry: dry vaccines and medications, powders, pills, creams, suspensions,etc. 
  • Building industry: cement, plaster, chalk, building solutions, jointing materials, wood, and other materials. 
  • Other industries: powders, pastes, dry products, etc



Technical characteristics:

Range of moisture measurement  0÷100% 
Standard deviation ± 0,2 %
Range of deviations, depending on the analyzed material 0,2 ÷ 1,5%
Range of temperature 70 ÷ 160 °С
Temperature increments  10 °С
Deviation in setting and maintaining temperature ± 2 °С
Weighting range  (max) 100 g
Limit of absolute error of weighting   no more than 0,05 mg
Type of heating element  Infrared
Readability 0,01 %
Service life 8 years
Mean time between failures 2000 hours
Power consumption 370 W
Dimensions 187x230x320 mm 
Weight 6.3 kg