<p>"Laktan 1-4M" model 700</p>
Price: € 3 060.00
Milk quality analyzer

Laktan 1-4M model 700


Measured parameters: Fat, protein, SNF, density, added water, freezing point.

Method of protein content measurement: direct

Time of single measurement: 1 minute

Producivity of measurements*: up to 100 samples per hour 

Types of milk: fresh whole, preserved, pasteurized, normalized, powder milk, skimmed milk and a long storage milk 

Cleaning: automatic, build-in

Sample preparation:  semi automatic, build-in 

PC connection: UPS interface 

Thermoprinter: build-in

Power supply: 100–260V, 50 Hz AC,

Dimentions: 180 x 310 x 220 mm 

Weight: 6 kg


* when equipped with autosampler

Features and benefits

  • Automatic measuring complex Laktan 1-4M 700 provides fully-automatic analysis of all meaningful parameters of milk -  fat, protein, SNF, density, added water, freezing point, including automatic sample preparation and automatic supply of the samples;
  • The complex offers high precision and highly reproducible measurement results;
  • The time of single measurement is just 1 minute. Than complex is equipped with autosampler, it can offer the productivity of measurements of 100 samples per hour. 
  • The complex is equipped with built-in thermo printer; you can print the measurement results as soon as they appears on measuring module screen. 
  • Software, coming in the standart delivery set, allows to fully control the complex and to collect measured data on-line. Hereafter the data can be saved and processed on PC.
  • The analyzer is supplied with the factory calibration for cow milk and doesn't require monthly calibrations. The user can calibrate the analyzer for any kind of milk usind the software, supplied with the analyzer. 

Technical description

Measured parameter Range of measurement Standard deviation
Protein 1,5 ÷ 3,5 % ± 0,10 %
Fat 0 ÷ 5 % ± 0,05 %
Fat  5 ÷ 10 % ± 0,1 %
SNF 6 ÷12 % ± 0,1 %
Density, kg/m3 1000 ÷ 1040 kg/m³ ± 0,3 kg/m³
Added water, % 1 ÷ 100 % ±1 %
Freezing point,  0 ÷ 0.52 °С ± 0,001 °С


Cleaning agent for Laktan 1-4M series analyzers 

Special agent for measuring channel of the Laktan 1-4 series instruments cleaning. It is used for removal of protein and milk stone residuals. Read more...