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Analyzer of Somatic Cells in Milk

SCC as an important indicator of milk quality. Why it is required to determine and control somatic cells number in milk.

Does a cow give good and safe milk? Can you drink this milk or send it for processing? Does the quality of milk remain always the same?

The correct way to find it out is the Somatic Cells Count (SCC) which can be done using a Somatic Cells Analyzer. Somatic cells number is the most important indirect indicator of the udder health, as at inflammatory process in the udder the number of blood cells in particular leukocytes and neutrophil granulocytes which can absorb the pathogenic microorganisms cells causing mastitis and play a protective function increases dramatically. The level of somatic cells is directly connected with the udder health. Normal background content of somatic cells in milk varies depending on a number of factors (such as age, lactation, breed, and individual peculiarities of animal) from 100 to 500 thousand somatic cells in 1 cm3 of normal milk. In the international practice the upper limit of permissible somatic cells content in milk from one udder quarter is 5⋅105 cells. For combined milk the upper limit is usually specified as 3⋅105 to 5⋅105 cells in 1 cm3.

Only provided the opportunity to control the number of somatic cells in combined milk on a daily basis milk producers can maintain high quality of milk, take timely decisions to ensure the herd's health, improve the condition of the udder of cows and control the spread of infection in the herd. Controlling this parameter regularly a milk farm can start treatment of a cow in proper time and avoid deterioration of milk quality.

Determination of this parameter (Somatic Cells content in milk) allows not only to monitor the health of individual cows and herd's health on the whole but also helps avoid conflict situations between milk producers and milk processing plants related to determining of price and quality of milk and grade of milk. In accordance with the Technical Regulations on Milk and Dairy products of the Russian Federation the content of somatic cells in milk of the highest grade cannot exceed 4⋅105cells in 1 cm3 (400 thousand in 1 cm3).

Somatic Cells analyzers allow for control of the level of somatic cells in milk and fast determination of somatic cells number. Analysis process will take not more than 4 minutes, you will know if a cow requires treatment and whether milk is safe for drinking and processing. Somatic Cells analyzers help detect mastitis at the early stage when it just started (subclinical mastitis). At this stage the udder looks healthy; however the level of somatic cells in milk is already increased. Each sick cow is the source of infection and one sick cow in the herd normally accounts per 10 - 40 cows with undetected subclinical stage of mastitis, this is the reason why treatment of cows only with clinical symptoms of mastitis does not bring the expected result, SCC in milk remains high, and the cows are getting infected repeatedly. For the period of the disease and after clinical recovery losses of milk per cow average 10-15% of the yearly milk yield.

In milk with increased somatic cells content the composition and content of proteins changes, the content of casein, milk sugar and useful microelements such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium decreases. The composition of milk becomes poor which in turn results in decreasing of quality and yield of protein-containing dairy product/ affects the process of production, yield and quality of milk products. This is another reason why it is important to control the SCC in milk and when this problem is identified to take the necessary steps to address the causes.

Concentration of somatic cell in milk determines safety, sanitary-and-hygienic parameters of raw milk and its processing products (cheese, sour milk products, etc.)

Milk SCC value more than 200 thousand in1 cm3 significantly reduces the quality indicators of the ready dairy products, restricts options for expanding the dairy products range.

For milk producers milk SCC exceeding 200 thousand in 1 cm3 as a consequence of cows mastitis affects directly the milk productivity and accordingly financial results (profit) of enterprises.

Viscosimetric Somatic Cells analyzer is an affordable and easy-to-use instrument which allows for control of milk SCC on all levels of milk production and milk collection from dairy farms to milk collection centers and milk processing plants. It helps to safe on costs and exclude expenditures for purchase and maintenance of laboratory equipment, expensive reagents, consumables, salary of personnel, etc.

This product is affordable even for farmers keeping 5 - 10 cows, as the simplest models are inexpensive and can be quickly paid off.

Ultimately analyzers of somatic cells in milk will help not only to avoid possible losses but also to increase the quality of milk and consequently to maximize the price of milk and profit.