<p>Cryoscope "Termoscan Mini"</p>
Price: € 1 735.00
Freezing point of milk analyzer

Cryoscope Termoscan Mini 


Method of the freezing point of milk determination:  direct (thermistor) method

Measurement range: from  -0,408 °С to  -0,600 °С.

Repeatability: ± 0.004 °С 

Time of single measurement:  3 minutes 

Applicable types of milk: fresh whole, preserved, pasteurized, normalized, powder milk, skimmed milk and a long storage milk





Termoscan Mini  is a cryoscope intended for definition of the freezing point of milk by the thermistor method, which is the reference / arbitration method of freezing point determination.

Determination of the freezing point of milk is the main method for the detection of alturation of milk with water or dry substances.

The dependence between the freezing point and the concentration of the water-soluble components of milk allows also to determine the amount of added water

Benefits and features: 

  • Suitability for raw and processed milk
  • High accuracy of measurements, convergence and interlaboratory reproducibility of results
  • Simplicity of sample preparation
  • Small volume of milk for samples
  • Convenience and simplicity of maintenance service
  • Attractive price


Technical characteristics

Range of measurement from - 0,408 °C to - 0,600 °C
Limit of basic absolute error ± 0,004 °C
Volume of milk sample 2,5 ± 0.1 ml
Time of single measurement 3 min 
Weight 6 kg