About Biodiary

The BIODIARY company was established in 2016 in Bratislava (Slovakia). The company’s main field of business is equipment for the quality control of agricultural raw materials. The company is an official partner of the VPK SibAgroPribor company in the European Union.

BIODIARY offers a range of cost-effective analytical devices for the quality control of milk including ultrasonic milk quality analyzers, analyzers of somatic cell content in milk and milk freezing point meters based on the direct cryoscopic technique. In addition to milk analyzers we offer a set of equipment to test nitrogen and protein content by the Kjeldahl technique as well as multi-purpose moisture analyzers. These devices can be used to test a wide variety of products.

BIODIARY strives to offer affordable advanced equipment. Our products match or exceed the functionality of other manufacturers’ equipment at a better price. The manufacturer VPK SibAgroPribor continues to improve its products and expand their range.

Analyzers of agricultural raw materials by VPK SibAgroPribor have been successfully used in farming worldwide.

BIODIARY’s office is located in Bratislava. The products are shipped from the company’s warehouse in Bratislava.


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are opened to collaboration and interchange of views and ideas.